Sokkia Digital Planimeter Planix 10S

Oleh: Maju Mapan Mandiri  15/09/2010
Kata kunci: Alat Geologi, Surveying Equipments, Alat Alat Survey

Compact and lightweight, this digitizing area line meter combines the area measurement function of aplanimeter with the capability of a digitizer to easily measure straight lines by a simple two-point plot method and curved lines by continuous measurement. The area and line length of straight-sided drawings can be measured by plotting the intersections of the lines. Use the continuous stream mode to measure curved or irregular shaped areas and lines. User-selectable scale settings provide a direct reading of the area and length shown in the drawing or other figure.

Different X and Y scale values can also be set. To obtain more accurate measurements, measure the same figure several times and use the average feature to calculate the area. The accumulate feature allows you to measure the total area of several separate figures. An auto-close function automatically ends measurement when you return to the starting point. Storage case, internal battery, and AC charger/adapter included.

Measuring function: area, line, side length(s).
Measuring scale: mm, cm, m, km, in, ft, acre/yd.
Measuring range: 300mm x 10m.
Measuring accuracy: ±0.1% (100 x 100 mm area measurement).
Minimum line reading: 0.05 mm.
Power: internal nickel metal hydride battery or AC charger/adapter.
Battery life: 20 hours. Charging time: 15 hours.
Dimensions: 9.8"L x 4.3"W x 1.6"H.

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